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About Andrea

Andrea is a professional actor and instructor with over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry. Trained in Vancouver, B.C. and London, UK, her work has taken her across Canada, performing on stage and screen. As a corporate speech consultant and trainer for artists and professionals, Andrea's corporate and artistic clients include: CH2M-Jacobs, The University of Winnipeg, The Paprika Festival, Expect Theatre, Arts Express, and Young People's Theatre.

Andrea's training is decidedly personal - using actor training techniques and exercises, Andrea helps you find your authentic voice in performance. Her clients universally praise her ability to inspire students to take risks, challenge themselves, and ultimately find ease and self-confidence in their presentation goals.

Andrea's tutoring service pedagogy is child-led, asset based, and based in play. Learning should be fun! Contact Andrea for more information on her approach to being a reading, writing, and math tutor.

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