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Coaching and Workshops

An accomplished actor and director, Andrea will guide you to a more specific, intentional, and confident audition. Sessions can include:

  • Monologue Coaching - Single Session or Prep Package

  • Scene Work & Prep (reader, plus feedback) for Theatre, Film or TV - Single Session or Prep Package.

  • Mock Auditions

  • Dramaturgy/Feedback on New Scripts - Single Session or Prep Package

  • Current Group Workshops: Empowering Actors in the Audition Room & Actors Who Sing: Singing with Intention.

Single Sessions last an hour, and start at $60, or in a Prep Package at 4 Sessions for $200. Group Workshops are for between 12-20 participants, and can last between 1 hour and a full day. Please contact me for rates.

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